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The Archipelago Project, launched in 1999 by brothers Bruno, Diego, Giuliano and Giorgio, transformed the Muratoris' aspiration
to produce wine from grapes grown in their own vineyards into a major financial investment. A meeting with winemaker and
oenologist Dr. Francesco Iacono - at that time researcher at the Agrarian Institute of San Michele all'Adige - marked the
beginning of the venture.
In January 2000, Francesco Iacono took over as General Manager of the newly established Fratelli Muratori Wine Estates.
Then began the process of identifying areas or "islands" in four Italian territories that are particularly well-adapted to
wine-growing and ideal for transforming the Archipelago Project concept into reality. The project is based on four "islands":
Franciacorta, the family's choice and place of origin; the municipality of Suvereto in the Maremma area of Tuscany; Sannio, in
the municipality of Benevento; and the island of Ischia in Forio. This choice of territories is centred on the concept that a wine
should not simply be the result of a cultivation and vinification process, but should express the wealth of experience and
tradition accumulated over centuries, historical and philosophical values that must live on into the future.