Condimento Balsamico - “Eccellenza” Riserva “Serie 20”

Condimento Balsamico - “Eccellenza” Riserva “Serie 20”


Balsamic Dressing L'Eccellenza - Riserva Series 20
It is an exceptional product, only cooked must, acetified and aged for 20 years in fine wood barrels. With a pleasantly sweet and sour taste, with a marked density, it is suitable for any type of combination in the kitchen and can also be enjoyed pure at the end of the meal as a digestive. Suggestions for use: it goes perfectly with everything, it is excellent with tuna tartar, sushi, carpaccio, foie gras, caviar, game, bresaola, cheeses, ice cream and semifreddo, strawberries with panna, panna cotta, cream and fruit mousses, ricotta desserts ...