Soft Supremini Nougat Praline 50gr.

Soft Supremini Nougat Praline 50gr.


The gluttonous and contemporary Supremini Flamigni, in their appearance and taste, are more reminiscent of a praline than a classic nougat. Their dough is lovingly prepared by the master Flamigni nougats without the addition of candied fruit and with a high percentage of chocolate and dried fruit which, as in the whole Supremo family, reaches 60%. Their square-shaped design makes them modern and the careful external decoration serves to directly recall the precious flavor that they keep inside. Supremini Flamigni are offered in six delicious flavors: Piedmont hazelnut, almond and dark chocolate, pistachio covered with white chocolate, caramel and almond decorated with caramelized sugar flakes, orange and almonds covered with dark chocolate and decorated with dark sprinkles, gianduia with cocoa and hazelnut paste and decorated with a grain of milk chocolate.