Château Margaux 2016

Château Margaux 2016

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Born at the dawn of an exceptional year, Château Margaux 2016 enters in the wake of vintages that mark the history of the prestigious property on the left bank of the Bordeaux region.
Starting in 2016, the bottles of the grand vin del château are presented in their new design, showing off a darker color. The characters on the label are inspired by those used for the property in 1865.
The climatic conditions of 2016 made it possible to forge the identity of this vintage. The dry and warm summer favored a good maturity of the grapes, preserving a great freshness and acidity of the fruit, thanks to an alternation of hot days and cool nights, in the month of September. The harvest began on September 23 and completed October 18, the 2016 harvest was the most extensive in the history of the property.

The proverb says that "great wines are born on the great terroirs". A perfect knowledge of each parcel by the château technical team and a rigorous deletion of the best grapes, has proved to be of primary importance for the expression of the typicality of the vines. Cabernet Sauvignon (94%), born on the beautiful plots of the property, brings great elegance. Merlot (2%) and Cabernet Franc (3%) enrich the cru of great aromatic complexity, also softening the structure of tannins. The final touch of Petit Verdot (1%) is a guarantee of a remarkable density and volume.

The result of painstaking work, Château Margaux 2016 presents the aromatic signature of the greatest Margaux. The palate is filled with a generous width, which does not affect the finesse. The lively acidity of the fruit prolongs the development in the mouth of an endless length. Structure and acidity make it a wine destined for a formidable evolution.