Pouilly – Fumé Baron de L

Pouilly – Fumé Baron de L

Sauvignon Blanc 100%

Produced exclusively in exceptional years and with the best grapes, this Pouilly Fumé "Baron de L" is the workhorse of the maison de Ladoucette. A wine of excellent quality obtained thanks to the obsessive attention to detail, from the vineyard to the cellar, aged for 8-10 months in glass tanks to avoid altering the fruity scents that are its real strong point.

Gold with greenish reflections. The nose has a delicate and fine nose with a wide bouquet of ripe fruit, among which the notes of pear and white peach stand out, as well as tertiary notes wrapped in a mineral stone veil. In the mouth it immediately impresses with the round structure and the freshness of the fruity, tasty and intriguing scents, well balanced by the firm minerality that continues into the long finish.