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Feudi Di San Gregorio's Taurasi is a harmonious and territorial expression of all the potential that Aglianico can offer, if cultivated with respect and knowledge. Important qualities, which have become evident since 1986, the year of foundation of the winery, which had the merit not only of producing wines that stood out for their consistency and quality level, but also that of standing as one of the greatest oenological references of Campania, contributing in significantly to the wine development of the region.

Feudi Di San Gregorio Taurasi is a volcanic wine, and the soil on which the vines are placed transfers a deep mineral imprint to the liquid. The vineyards are located between 350 and 700 meters above sea level, cultivated with respect for the environment and biodiversity. After careful sorting of the best bunches, fermentation and maceration take place in steel tanks for about 3-4 weeks. The refinement takes place in medium toasted French oak barrels and lasts about 18 months, followed by a stop in the bottle for about six months. The passage in small wooden barrels, in addition to expanding the range of wine, is functional to smoothing and softening the youthful impetuosity of Aglianico.