Barbaresco 2016

Barbaresco 2016

14 %
Bottle Size
0.75 L
Contains sulfites
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Barbaresco di Gaja is a wine with immense richness and expressiveness, produced by a legendary Langhe winery. Angelo Gaja is one of those names that excite any wine lover, since his interpretations have given rise to immortal bottles, which tasted today even after 50 years from the harvest are perfectly intact and ready. A qualitative revolution, almost pioneering, given that in the 1960s the idea of ​​reducing yields per hectare in order to favor quality viticulture was by no means a foregone conclusion. A choice that certainly gave reason to Angelo, given the incredible and growing success of his wines, now in great demand all over the world. Fine bottles, to which you can reserve a place of honor in the cellar, opening them at the right time to fully enjoy their valuable complexity!

Barbaresco red is obtained from 100% Nebbiolo grapes, grown in the well-known Piedmontese municipality which gives its name to the denomination. The bunches, selected with almost maniacal care, come from 14 owned vineyards located at altitudes ranging from 250 to 330 meters above sea level while the extremely low yields, typical in the Gaja house, are around 40 hl. The fermentation takes place in steel containers and the refinement requires 6 months of rest in barriques and another 18 months in large oak barrels. Longevity not quantifiable!

Barbaresco wine reveals itself in the glass with an intense ruby ​​robe that over time turns towards garnet. Very rich nose, able to bring together two souls, one more typical and traditional and another more modern. There is everything in this lysergic smell, from dried violet to berries, from dog rose to licorice, from cocoa to cloves. And then again touches of vanilla, cinnamon and graphite. After several minutes dedicated to the olfactory part, we move on to tasting, which can be at the same time caressing and vigorous, imposing and with velvety tactility. An unstoppable progression, for a liquid that seems to never end.