Obsequium Friends Price

The Barbaresco dei Produttori del Barbaresco is an exceptional wine, produced with grapes traditionally destined for Reserves. It is a red that immediately proves to be of the highest level: it is fine and elegant on the nose, with spicy notes that anticipate a palate of great structure, wrapped in a silky and never intrusive tannin. Legitimate daughter of the pioneering social winery founded by Domizio Cavazza in 1894, this beautiful cooperative founded in 1958 and led by Aldo Vacca and Gianni Testa has 100 hectares of Nebbiolo cultivation available in the municipality of Barbaresco, brought as a dowry by about fifty contributing members .

The quality of this Barbaresco, with a rigorous classicist expression, is truly irreproachable. The elements that make this winery one of the most appreciated in the entire Barbaresco area is certainly the fact that 100% of the grapes produced by the donors is sold to the winery, combined with the constant maintenance of the extraordinary relationship between quality and price. All this makes the Barbaresco dei Produttori di Barbaresco a truly unique wine, with a truly surprising structure and personality, especially if related to the incredible relationship it has with its price. A wine absolutely to try.