Bovale sardo 100%
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Cavaliere Sardo from Cantina di Mogoro is a red wine that comes from pure Bovale Sardo grapes.

Bottle dedicated to Leonardo Alagon Sardinian patriot who lived from 1436 to 1494 who was the protagonist of the glorious Battle of Uras who saw him opposed to the Marquis d'Oristano to Niccolò Carroz, Aragonese Viceroy of Sardinia for the independence of the island of the Iberian Peninsula.

The wording on the front of the label "My soldiers, tomorrow we will hear Mass in Bonaria" was pronounced by Alagon after the grandiose victory of the regiments led by him where many Aragonese knights died, and the same viceroy save his life with his escape.

Cavaliere Sardo is a red wine with a Denomination of Controlled Origin, Sardinia Terralba Bovale originating from the vineyards of the Terralba plain grown on sandy-clayey soil, with good structure and depth. Perfect territory for the ripening of the grapes, thanks also to the sub / arid climate with mild winters and very hot summers, mitigated by the salty mistral wind. The grapes are harvested at perfect ripeness between the last ten days of September and the first ten days of October.

It has a dark purplish red color tending to garnet with aging. The nose is complex, there are aromas of ripe red fruit, including cherry and blackberry and balsamic nuances that make it fine and persistent. In the mouth it is a wine of character, balanced and full-bodied, with evident tannins but at the same time velvety and complex. The tasting reveals balsamic and spicy nuances of cocoa and tobacco.

Excellent with intense flavors of Mediterranean cuisine, aged cheeses and game.