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Bertani's Amarone Classico embodies the charm of the past and is able to tell the story of an entire territory, Valpolicella, which has always been an oenological pearl in Italy and in the world. An expression of recent tradition, but at the same time it has become a symbol of this fascinating corner of Italy, a wine that has required decades of refinements and discoveries to reach the quality profile it can offer today. It is one of the most appreciated and most famous interpretations of the entire denomination and among the greatest expressions of the entire world wine scene. Elegance, softness and enveloping are brought to a very high level to ensure an indelible and unforgettable sip that touches the deepest strings of the soul. Myth, legend and champion with crystalline talent!

Bertani Amarone is obtained from a very careful work and studied in detail, the result of a long tradition handed down from generation to generation. Everything starts in the vineyard, with a careful selection of bunches from the vineyards of Tenuta Novare in Arbizzano di Negrar which rest on marno-limestone soils with the classic Guyot training system. The grapes, Corvina and Rondinella, are left to dry for a long time, for about 120 days, in a completely natural way in the fruit rooms of the estate. They are then fermented, in the middle of winter, with extreme slowness, then guaranteeing a long maturation that leads it to achieve a balance that guarantees a truly surprising longevity, even for several decades! Then follows a slow fermentation in cement that lasts for 50 days, of which 20 days of maceration on the skins, and an aging for about six years in Slavonian oak barrels, with subsequent stabilization in the bottle for a further 12 months.

Bertani Classic Amarone tells a story of passion, tradition and love for their land. It goes down into the glass with a dark garnet red color and little transparency with orange shades. The bouquet is intense and complex where the typical notes of plum, cherry and morello cherry alternate with dried fruit, licorice and spices. A balsamic cloud closes a decidedly wide and rich sense of smell. In the mouth it is soft and seductive, warm and powerful, full and persistent, with a sweet tannin and a balsamic freshness that allow it to remain for a long time and to express itself at its best after a few years of maturation in the bottle. The emblem of Valpolicella.