80% Corvina, 10% Sangiovese Grosso, 5% Syrah, 5% Cbernet Sauvignon
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The "Secco-Bertani" Vintage Edition is the homage of a cellar to its past and to a memory that has entered the collective myth still capable of evoking sensations, emotions, ways of thinking of the past capable of enriching the present. This particular label was born thanks to the faithful reproduction of the recipe, style and taste of the thirties, a wine that was born thanks to the use not only of the typical grapes of the area but also, exactly as in 1889, thanks to a small percentage of large non-native varieties. Bertani's Verona Rosso IGT "Secco-Bertani" Vintage Edition is a very soft and enveloping red, capable of long evolution in the bottle.

Intense ruby ​​red, the nose expresses complex notes ranging from plum and black currant to cocoa and black pepper, from cloves to nutmeg. A marked, unmistakable olfactory profile that opens up to a rich taste, characterized by a thick tannic texture and great softness. Balanced, fresh, satisfying, it ends with a finish on the fruit, with excellent persistence.

Throughout the meal, the "Secco-Bertani" is the ideal red wine to accompany great preparations of beef. Stew with polenta.