Chardonnay 57%, Pinot Meunier 22%, Pinot Noir 21%

Jacquesson's Extra Brut Cuvée is one of those Champagnes that give emotion and splendid sensations, which hide behind a story made of passion and dedication, a real life choice. Jean-Hervé and Laurent, the two Jacquesson brothers, have truly distorted the concept of Brut Sans Année, making it much more in line with the concept of terroir, of typology of cultivation and vinification, bringing the natural diversity of the various vintages to the glass.

A system, that of associating a number to each Cuvée, born with the vintage of 2000 and with the Cuvée 728 which made this Champagne immediately original. In their "7" series, not only the reserve wines of each thousandth are used, but even the assembly of the previous Cuvèe; we are therefore faced with a true multi-thousandth. A Champagne that comes from a small revolution, from a philosophy that takes wine as the reference of the vintage, as a mirror of the climatic trend of the same. A philosophy perfectly explained on the back of the label, where every year we find the percentage of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier used, but also the different relationship between vintage wine and reserve wine.

It comes from vineyards partly in Dizy, such as Corne Bautray and Terres Rouges, and partly in Avize and Ay and gives splendid notes of yellow fruit, with a slight minerality on the finish that supports a dense matter and that brings back the freshness of a cedar from poorly cut. A round and fine palate that makes Jacquesson Champagne Extra Brut Cuvée elegant, slender and extremely pleasant.