Pol Roger Réserve

Pol Roger Réserve

Chardonnay 33%, Pinot Meunier 33%, Pinot Noir 33%

Pol Roger's Brut Reserve is a true piece of Champagne history, a prestigious icon that has been able to become an absolute model of class and elegance. A more than centuries-old tale, the one concerning the well-known French Maison, whose main signature owes it to Pol Roger, the family scion who started producing wine in 1849. The wine tradition has gone well in hand, from generation to generation, both that in 1900, Maurice and Georges, sons of Pol, founded their own Maison paying homage to their father and since then the property has always remained in the hands of the Roger family, a rather rare case in Champagne. A favorite sparkling wine from Winston Churchill, who has repeatedly praised it, Pol Roger is a cult name for every Champagne enthusiast, and ranks at the top of the category.

The Brut Reserve wine comes from a blend of the three main grape varieties of Champagne, namely Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay, distributed equally. About 88 hectares of vineyards, located between Epernay, the main center of the Marne Valley as well as one of the most suitable municipalities for the production of classical methods worldwide, the Cote des Blancs and the Montagne des Reims, divided in turn into numerous cru. About 30 of these contribute to the production of Reserve Champagne, which after the selection of the grapes and the fermentation at controlled temperature of the base wines, is assembled giving life to a very elegant and millimetric fusion. The second fermentation takes place in the bottle and the so-called second fermentation, which precedes degorgement and dosage. At least four years of aging in the cellar precedes the marketing.

The Brut Reserve shows itself in the glass with an intense golden color and an abundant but extremely fine foam. The nose immediately shows richness and generosity, unraveling between exotic hints of mango and passion fruit, as well as white-fleshed fruit among which the pear stands out. Very varied picture, which is completed by delicious sweetness and roasting, attributable to acacia honey and small pastries. The tasting reveals a wine where creaminess and finesse go hand in hand, drawing a sip always perfectly balanced between fleshiness and saline intake. An absolute must, which cannot be deprived of, also by virtue of its extraordinary quality-price ratio.

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