Pol Roger Vintage 2012

Pol Roger Vintage 2012

Pinot Noir 60%, Chardonnay 40%

The "Vintage" Champagne Brut is simply an expression of the elegance and refinement of the Pol Roger maison. It is the son of the maximum selection and exaltation of a specific vintage, which is vinified as a thousandth only in the presence of optimal conditions. The "Vintage" of Pol Roger carries, already in the name, the unlimited charm of a story made of 160 years and 5 different generations. They alternated, continuously bringing growth that went to refine the touch of the maison more and more, as if it were an artist's brush stroke. In fact, the Pol Roger champagnes are liquid works of art. A name, a guarantee and a long and compelling story. The "Vintage" Brut embodies the attractive and seductive character of the French bubble, which is expressed through a language of excellence.

Pol Roger's "Vintage" Brut is a Champagne made up of 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay according to the house's traditional blend. These grapes come from 20 plots, all classified as Grand Cru or Premier Cru, located in the Montagne de Reims area and at the Côte des Blancs. Following a very careful harvest, the bunches are gently pressed and the must obtained undergoes cold decantation. Alcoholic fermentation is carried out in steel containers, as well as malolactic fermentation. Only at the end of these two phases, the parcels vinified separately until then, are assembled and the base wine obtained is bottled so that the second fermentation starts. It takes place inside the bottles placed 33 meters deep in the historic Pol Roger cellars. Manual remuage and a wait of more than 8 years precede marketing.

Pol Roger Brut "Vintage" Champagne shows its recognizable charm already through the golden color and the fine and persistent perlage. Elegance and delicacy make an intense complexity refined, which opens up on fresh hints of citrus and other sweeter ones of apricot and peach, then letting emerge notes of dried fruit and quince. In the mouth, its persuasive character is manifested in the creaminess of the sip and in the full body, soft and at the same time made fine by the freshness. It persists in a mouth finish that recalls ripe fruit. To give a touch of nobility to your cellar, you cannot miss a chapter of history told by Pol Roger.