Filo di Seta
 Filo di Seta
 Filo di Seta

Filo di Seta

Sangiovese 100%
14,5 %
Bottle Size
0.75 L
Contains sulfites
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Filo di Seta is an exceptional Brunello, the result of a rigorous selection of hand-picked grapes . It is a Brunello di Montalcino that expresses the wildest and darkest essence of the cooler microclimate of the area facing north-west. Filo di Seta is the name of a stream that flows through the nearby forest. The vineyards are located at an altitude of about 350 meters, facing north-west and are carefully cared for to ensure that each plant gives minimum yields and reaches optimal ripeness.

Tasting notes: a mixture of dark peony and violet petals, with hints of fresh and dried cherry, which reaches directly the head on a higher note of polished wood. The same aromatic fascination immediately manifests itself on the palate: cherry and petals fragrant envelop and cushion the fine but very intense tannins. An extremely serious wine, a delicious counterpoint between a composed structure and a flowing, almost undulating elegance, a severe and indulgent wine at the same time. Every nuance of perfume is illuminated by the electric freshness of Sangiovese. Even aged, when more notes are revealed earthy and savory, its floral and silky charm conquers the palate, mind and heart together.