Vigna Schiena d'Asino 2013

Vigna Schiena d'Asino 2013

Sangiovese 100%
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Mastrojanni's Vigna Schiena d'Asino is one of the Brunellis that stands at the top of its denomination, for its immense complexity and constant quality. The fruit of a particularly suitable vineyard, which extends for about one hectare, Brunello Vigna Schiena d'Asino is the flagship wine of the Mastrojanni winery, founded in 1975 and now owned by the Illy group, which has kept its prestige intact by turning a eye towards the best instruments and qualitative implementations. From the intuition of Gabriele Mastrojanni, who understood early on the immense potential of this area close to the Val d'Orcia, about 40 years have passed but the intent to make identity wines and that best return the territory has remained unchanged. Today there are about 24 hectares of vines, cultivated with meticulous care and attention and the results can be seen and above all felt: a passionate wine, or the right one to become one!

Brunello Vigna Schiena d'Asino is produced as to be regulated with 100% Sangiovese Grosso grapes. The extremely limited production of 3500 bottles per year, in addition to making it a wine to be grabbed without delay, is due to an extremely careful selection of the best bunches from a single vineyard called Schiena d'Asino which extends for about one hectare. In the vineyard we work using only copper and sulfur, while in the cellar fermentations take place by indigenous yeasts. The aging takes place for 36 months in 16-25 hl Allier oak barrels and for another year in the bottle before being put on the market.

The Vigna Schiena d'Asino wine reveals itself in the glass with its garnet garment of great intensity. Rich, greedy and at the same time elegant nose where notes of cherry jam, berries, tobacco, chocolate and cinnamon stand out clearly. Then again the dark spices, integrated. The sip is a true masterpiece, where all the components seem to be melted millimetrically. Robust and deep matter, sculpted tannin, reviving freshness and flavor: total cohesion! Long persistence that leaves a dowry, is a bottle for great occasions, or that can make any evening such. Unmissable!