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The Spuntali vineyard is historically known as the best area on the southwestern side of Montalcino, the side facing the sea. Spuntali represents a historical cru for Brunello di Montalcino; is characterized by a unique terroir, thanks to which over the years it has become a historic and well-recognizable icon of Brunello. The Spuntali side is the sunniest and driest of the three Brunello slopes; it is characterized by a Mediterranean climate due to its proximity to the sea, less than 40 km away. The sea plays a decisive role here, mitigating the hot summer nights and cold winters. This allows an early spring vegetative awakening and an important temperature difference between day and night during the summer period. These particular climatic conditions make this the first area to be harvested in the entire area of ​​Brunello di Montalcino. The soils, of marine origin, are characterized by a sandy component, but also by the presence of marine debris and fossil remains. In this unique terroir, Sangiovese fully exploits the beneficial effect of the sun, reaches its maximum ripeness and gives rise to very creamy wines, with sweet, soft tannins and notes of candied fruit.

Strong garnet with ruby ​​reflections, it opens up to the warm, intense and refined nose. Great explosion of ripe fruit with notes of black cherry, dried figs, candied fruit and in particular orange. In the mouth it is characterized by sweet and soft tannins that accompany a long finish, rich in notes of plum and blackberry.