Castello della Paneretta

Castello della Paneretta

Sangiovese 90%, Canaiolo 10%
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The Chianti Classico Castello della Paneretta has in its DNA stories of vines and wine dating back to 1500: at that time, in fact, the ancestor of the Chianti Classico began to be produced, inside this fort with great charm architectural, built around a Ghibellina watchtower, on a wooded ridge that divides the Val d'Elsa from the Val di Pesa.

Of the three hundred hectares of property, purely covered by woods, only twenty are dedicated to the vineyard, with extremely differentiated soils between one layer and another within a few hundred meters. The choice of use of low plant density and the exclusive use of Sangiovese and Canaiolo enhance the territoriality of the cellar, which has resisted over time to the almost general restructuring of the vineyards in Tuscany.

The Chianti of Castello della Paneretta interprets this traditional and minimalist style to perfection, setting itself as a shining example of classicism: aged in large 30 hl oak barrels and subsequently smoothed in barriques, it is ample in its aromatic bouquet, with powerful sensations of licorice, black cherry , Red rose. A strong minerality, derived from limestone matrix soils, and a delicate tannin, capable of producing soft and velvety sensations, respond to this wealth of perfumes.