Le Pergole Torte 2016 Magnum

Le Pergole Torte 2016 Magnum

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"Le Pergole Torte" by Montevertine is a Tuscan excellence, an Italian monument and one of the stars of the world wine scene. In simple terms, it is a liquid emotion that with its elegance, its nobility and its precision has inspired and has been an example for many Italian producers and beyond. We are located in the heart of the Chianti Classico area, more precisely in Radda, the home par excellence of Sangiovese. Since 1981 the Montervertine winery has left the specification because it did not want to follow the recipe set by the consortium, but to continue to produce with its traditional method, out of the fashions and obligations of the market.

As with the best adventures, everything was born in an unexpected way: it was almost a hobby for Sergio Manetti, a production intended for friends and clients. Then, at Vinitaly, the truth: that wine was something extraordinary. A few years later, the inevitable consequence of a true and powerful passion, Sergio Manetti decided to devote himself to the activity of winegrower, triggering a path of growth and quality, which is still carried out today by his son. Since 1982, the labels have been designed by the artist Alberto Manfredi, a longtime friend of Sergio, who liked to depict stylized, simple and attractive faces of ladies with simple brushstrokes. Following his death, his drawings preserved in the old archives are used to remember him every year.

Deep ruby ​​red wine glass. The nose offers elegant and intense sensations of red berry fruit, black cherry, cherry and raspberry, and violet, with references of delicate spices. The sip is rich, deep and lively. It develops progressively on balsamic and spicy hints, showing a trait of rare elegance, without ever losing vigor and harmony. A tannin that shows all the majesty of a young Sangiovese and a very long, unforgettable finish.