Pian Delle Vigne MAGNUM 1,5 L

Pian Delle Vigne MAGNUM 1,5 L

Sangiovese 100%
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Pian delle Vigne is the Brunello di Montalcino of the Antinori family, a historic family of Tuscan wine producers that boasts a tradition of over 600 years, during which it has managed to walk the path of excellence until reaching peaks reserved for a few talents. To date, the Antinori family in Italy has 8 estates, including the Pian delle Vigne winery located a few kilometers south of Montalcino, just above the Val d’Orcia. The estate, as well as this wine, takes its name from a railway, present within the property since the nineteenth century. Study, research, experiments and great foresight distinguish the Marquises, at the same time rooted in their beautiful Tuscan land with solid roots, from which all their ancient and future products come to life.

The “Pian delle Vigne” Brunello is produced exclusively with Sangiovese grapes, as befits this prestigious type. The pure character of Sangiovese, expressed with the most frank honesty in a form of absolute elegance and finesse, which acquires more and more class and complexity over the years. For this reason, the selection of the grapes is very accurate, both in the field and in the cellar. The alcoholic fermentation is followed by the malolactic fermentation, both in steel tanks. Aging takes place in large oak barrels for a long time of over 2 years.

The Antinori “Pian delle Vigne” has a beautiful ruby ​​red color, intense and brilliant. The nose reveals all the grace that distinguishes it, opening up in a decidedly large bouquet. The red fruit and the citrus trail introduce toasted and evolved aromas, supported by a clear spicy imprint and, in closing, by refreshing balsamic notes. The tannin, on the palate, is soft and silky, as is the structure. It is a wine that combines body and thickness and impeccable elegance. The taste is as intense as the scent, with which there is a precise correspondence. The long persistence amplifies the perception of pleasantness of this noble Sangiovese. "We have a mission that is not completely fulfilled, which pushes us to express the vast potential of our vineyards and to reconcile the new that remains to be discovered with the heritage of Tuscan taste", in short, the mission of Piero Antinori and soul of his wine.