Giorgio Primo

Giorgio Primo

Sangiovese (30%), Merlot (30%), Cabernet Sauvignon (30%) e Petit Verdot (10%).

Years of study of the land and a careful sensorial analysis of the grapes and wines have allowed us to identify the best possible plots for the production of Giorgio Primo, the company’s flagship wine. Grapes are picked by hand and placed in boxes, then are selected on a first sorting table. After this, the grapes are assessed manually on a second table. The selected produce is transported on a trolley and loaded by gravity directly into the temperatureadjustable vinification vats. The techniques adopted allow fermentation without having to add yeast, and limit the use of sulphides. The kinetics of fermentation can be controlled for perfect polyphenol extraction. After drawing off the wine, the batches are “elevated“ separately into oak barriques (80% new) for 18 months. While it is maturing, analysis and tastings are performed on a regular basis to check the wine’s development.