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Chardonnay "La Fuga" is a Sicilian white wine with an ancestral flavour, original for its taste development and decidedly satisfying for its size. It is a pure Chardonnay that is remembered for its fresh and variegated perfumes, for its mineral charge, and for its sharp and fresh sip, of great and natural expressiveness. This is the merit of Donnafugata's winery, a master in carrying those ancient Sicilian winemaking traditions which, combined with a responsible and careful production philosophy in protecting the environment and the biodiversity of its vineyards, are the secret of a range of wines of undoubted quality.

The white wine Chardonnay "La Fuga" is made by Donnafugata's winery starting from an international grape variety that in Sicily is able to express itself on excellent levels, Chardonnay. The vines are grown with the espalier system, and grow in vineyards situated at an altitude between 200 and 600 metres above sea level, characterised by a clayey-clay terroir. The grapes, harvested at night in the first ten days of August, ferment alcoholically in stainless steel tanks, where they remain to refine for about 5 months before being bottled.

"La Fuga" is a Chardonnay that presents itself with a bright and lively appearance, recalling the shade of straw yellow. The olfactory spectrum develops mainly floral notes, enriched by aromas of exotic fruit and scents that recall the flourishing Sicilian Mediterranean scrub. The palate is full-bodied, harmonious, with a flowing sip that develops on a fresh and satisfying mineral texture. Another small gem made by Donnafugata winery, a reality that is confirmed with this label very capable of combining quality wines at intriguing prices.