Catarratto 100%
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Catarratto "Prio" white wine is a spontaneous and jaunty product, where the refreshing sip feeds a drink that is always very smooth. A bottle with which Donnafugata, a symbol not only of Sicilian oenology, but of the entire peninsula, provides us with a young representation of one of the most representative white grape varieties of regional viticulture, Catarratto. A label with which one is always on the safe side on every occasion, and which, moreover, reveals itself with a marked gastronomic vocation, a quality that makes it a truly excellent purchase, also in light of the interesting price.

Catarratto "Prio" comes from the pure grapes of a great autochthonous Sicilian white grape variety, widely cultivated all over the island, Catarratto. The vines of this variety are grown near the Contessa Entellina Estate, in vineyards located in hilly areas at an altitude between 200 and 600 metres above sea level, characterised by a clayey subsoil. The grapes, once harvested, ferment alcoholically in steel containers, where they then remain to refine for about two months. After bottling, the maturation continues in glass for a period of three months, at the end of which the wine is ready to be put on the market.

This Catarratto "Prio" wine presents itself on visual inspection with a bright, very inviting colour. The scents that develop on the nose recall fruity and Mediterranean sensations, embellished by slight nuances that bring to mind the aromatic herbs. On the palate it has a subtle, velvety body, with a sip characterised by a pleasant freshness. A Sicilian white wine with which Donnafugata's cellar gives us a young and drinkable wine, ideal to uncork during the most goliardic aperitifs or on more formal occasions.