Located in Borgo San Jacopo, under the medieval Torre dei Marsili in the heart of Florence, Obsequium is more than a wine shop. It is the perfect place to rest while visiting the city, where to enjoy a glass of wine or share a good bottle combined with fresh and local cold cuts and cheeses, cut and served at the moment, all in a prestigious space, where you can also admire the ceramic high-relief "The Annunciation" by Luca della Robbia. All a few steps from Ponte Vecchio: far from the chaos and very close to all the main places. At Obsequium you can find a selection with thousands of labels, starting with the best wines of Tuscany, a wide selection from other regions of Italy, plus an entire section dedicated to bubbles. Champagne first and foremost. A helpful and professional staff will be happy to listen to every request and offer advice among the numerous labels displayed on the shelves, where it will be possible to find high quality extra virgin olive oil, spices, pasta, sauces and products with truffles, honey, desserts. And the extraordinary balsamic vinegar of Modena, a must. Each product can be shipped all over the world safely and quickly, with all the necessary assistance guaranteed. The most passionate customers will also discover the widest assortment of corkscrews and objects for wine, produced by Pulltex, the best producer and market leader. Events, guided tastings, in-depth studies or organized lessons, personal shopper by reservation and many other services on request and to the customer's needs. Every day at Obsequium there is the opportunity to enjoy croutons, cutting boards and typical Tuscan specialties to combine with a good glass of wine. All gastronomic products are carefully selected, and come from continuous research that combines tradition and innovation. At Obsequium it is possible to choose between different wine tasting proposals: from the classic tasting with Tuscan excellence, to the tasting of the great reds or the most famous DOCGs in Italy. A tour guided by technical data sheets or by a qualified sommelier. For 360 ° sensory lovers, the food / wine combination is proposed. Other recommended tasting itineraries are the tasting of Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. Another Obsequium initiative is aimed at tourist agencies by offering a tasting service for groups. For the most demanding, Obsequium offers a guided tasting service at home for both individuals and hotels

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