More than just a Wine Shop

Walking along Borgo San Jacopo, after going up the Ponte Vecchio towards Oltrarno, it is not difficult to cross the Obsequium wine bar and find a selection with hundreds of labels, from Tuscan and Italian excellence to international ones, from reds to whites, from fruit to buckets , up to the rosé and the best Italian bubbles and Champagne. Alongside wines known throughout the world there are also productions of small companies that work according to the dictates of organic and biodynamic agriculture. The offer is very wide and it is not difficult to find a product suited to your taste and price needs, even by the glass.

The card changes often and there are always new wines to taste. Or you can choose from the shelves what to drink. However, Obsequium is not just wine. Here you can accompany your own glass of wine with cold cuts and Tuscan cheeses selected by the staff, or alternatively hot croutons, with seasonal cold cuts or vegetables. In addition, some traditional Tuscan dishes such as ribollita, pappa al pomodoro or pici can also be tasted for a few months. There is much more, such as craft beers, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegars that we have always offered also for tasting. You will find everything else coming to visit us, we are waiting for you here in Florence every day!

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