Grappa Tignanello

Grappa Tignanello

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Grappa di Tignanello produced by the famous Tuscan winery Antinori is a label of absolute excellence in the world of this historic distillate of our tradition. It is produced in limited quantities, only and exclusively with the pomace of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, coming from the fermentation of the famous red Tignanello, one of the most famous wines in Italy. The pomace of grapes of excellent quality, still fresh, fragrant and rich in aromas, allow to create a distillate of great elegance and finesse, characterized by delicate aromas and a full, harmonious and velvety sip.

Grappa di Tignanello is produced by one of the most important wine families in Italy, which has been involved in viticulture since the distant fourteenth century. Today, the Marquis Piero is at the helm of the company and other estates in Tuscany and other important territories have been added to the original family winery in Chianti, always with the ultimate goal of producing only excellence. Grappa is made with the pomace of Tignanello, brought to the distillery still fresh from the cellar in order to proceed rapidly with the distillation. Although the raw material is of high quality, at the end of the distillation process only the finest elegant batches are assembled and become part of this precious and prestigious label.

Antinori Grappa Tignanello is the final result of a path to enhance the Tignanello Estate. In the heart of the Chianti Classico, one of the wines that has revolutionized the Italian wine scene is born, both for the blend of Sangiovese and Bordeaux vines, and for the use of the barrique. Grappa stands as the closing of the circle. In fact, one could not think of not using such a high quality material, such as the selected pomace of Tignanello, to produce a distillate of excellence. Precisely to enhance the purity and finesse of the aromas, the choice fell on an essential and clear white grappa in its absolute expressive rigor. In the glass it is transparent, luminous and crystalline. On the nose it gives delicate aromas of white flowers, rose petal and subtle aromas of small red berries. The entry on the palate is persuasive, soft and balanced with fruity and spicy notes, which anticipate a fresh and very persistent finish.