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The winery of San Guido is located near the estruscan coast, between Livorno and Grosseto. Sassicaia is the most rapresentative wine of the company. Mario Incisa della Rocchetta, a young student of agriculture, dreamed of creating a class of wine like burgundy and it was the first to give birth to a Bordeaux wine on Italian soil. Decided to plant french vines in Maremma for the similarity of land in Tuscany with the French in the area of Graves in Bordeaux. The first ratings of the wine were not positive and until 1960 was a wine that was solely consumed within the company. The Marquis soon realizes that, with age, the wine is much better, and all the traits considered defects, it will eventually turn into virtues. The vintage of 1968 was the first to be introduce on the market with excellent results, making known to the world as Sassicaia wine of great stature. Thanks to ongoing experiments and the revolutionary style of vinification of Mario Incisa in 1985 Sassicaia is considered one of the greatest wines in the world. The first vineyard of the Marquis is considered the birthplace of Italian Cabernet.