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Zacapa rum is a famous Guatemalan rum, of limited production, the result of a special blend of masterfully aged anejos rum. It owes its name to the area of ​​Zacapa, a municipality in Guatemala (capital of the homonymous department) founded at the time of the Spanish colonization. The company is located on the banks of the Motagua river, on the fertile volcanic soil typical of Guatemala. The southern coast of the country is the most suitable for the cultivation of sugar cane, enriched by the tropical sun that shines all year round. Pure sugar cane juice, called "Miel Virgen" (virgin honey) by the Guatemalans, is used for the production of Zacapa rum. For the fermentation process, which lasts 5 days, a yeast obtained from a proprietary strain, extracted from pineapple, is used; this guarantees a unique and constant taste and aroma over time. Rhum Zacapa ages in the city of Quetzaltenango, on the highlands of Guatemala, at an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level where the so-called "aging in the highlands" takes place. The 23 year old is distilled from pure sugar cane juice, aged with the Solera System in oak barrels that previously hosted Bourbon whiskey, Sherry and Pedro Ximenez wines. It is obtained from a combination of rums aged up to twenty-three years. With a large aromatic structure, dense and complex, with hints of exotic fruit, ripe fruit, dried figs and cream, with a slight spicy sensation. It wraps the palate with noble hints of sherry and wood and closes the drink with an elegant and evocative finish.