The wines of the week

In our wine shop you can taste Tuscan and Italian wines by the glass in a simple and friendly atmosphere

"Wine is a sort of interior humour that for a moment
renders beauty to the face of our thoughts "
Henri de Règnier
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Upcoming events at Obsequium

  • Thursday 28 June 2018

    Tuscan Tasting

    Come and try our new Tuscan Tasting:

    La Carabaccia di Caterina de'Medici
    (Onion Soup)
    Lampredotto in Inziminio
    (Lampredotto Stew)
    Peposo all'Imprunetina
    (Tuscan Beef Stew)
    Ribollita Toscana
    (Tipical Soup of Bread and Vegetables)
    2 Crostini al Cavolo Nero
    (Tuscan Black Kale Crostini)
    2 Crostini con Patè ...
  • Sunday 30 September 2018

    New Menu Obsequium

    Obsequium Has a New menu ! Come and try!
    La Pasta:
    Pappardelle With Wild Board €9,00
    Tortellini with Chicory and Speck €8,00
    Veggie Dishes:
    Tagliatelle with Porcini Mushrooms €8,00
    Eggplant Parmesan €9,50
    Zolfino Beans or Pink Chickpeas €6,00
    Specialità Toscane
    Ribollita Toscana €8,00
    Wild Boar Stew ...